Day 1 Spanish Lesson Plans

Here are my plans for day 1 of year 8:

I am not teaching Spanish 1 this year.

For Spanish 2: I had about half of these students last year in Spanish 1. I have these animal cards that have a picture of an animal (Apple emoji ones) and then another card with the name of the animal in Spanish. As students enter the room I will give them the name of an animal and they will walk around and try to match it. Most are cognates and I think with a little help from classmates (and myself) they will be able to find their seats. Then I will have them put their cell phones in a matching pocket based on the number on their desk (we can write on our desks with dry erase markers). I have a short powerpoint to introduce myself in Spanish and talk about my summer (all in Spanish) and they see how much they understand. Next I have one of those pictures that shows why English is hard to learn and I will project it on the board and call on a volunteer to read it aloud. The point is to show them that they LEARNED how those words are all different in meaning even if they are spelled the same (for example: I read a book yesterday vs. I like to read books; read is pronounced differently but spelled the same!) We will then discuss the goals of the class and why learning a second language is important. I have a PDF of public universities in Ohio that show how many years of a language they want to see (most say 2, but the more elite want to see 3+). Then we will do circling with balls and get to know each other and for me the students I do not yet know. Then we will discuss verb quizzes for quarter 1 and everyone will join my Remind! Day 2 will involve doing their SLO and practicing / reviewing some Spanish basics!

Spanish 3: I read this interesting article from EdWeek about getting to know your students through seating challenges. I have not met any of the Spanish 3 students before, so I want to try and get a quick grasp on how they work together and what kind of students they might be. Their task on Day 1 will be to put themselves in order by birthday IN SPANISH (no English). I have a slide projected on the board with directions and to remind them (in case they forgot EVERYTHING over the summer). I will not speak any English with them through this and expect the same through them. After I check they are in order and ask their names (since I don’t know them) – they will put their phones in the pockets on the wall that correspond to the numbers on their desks. Then we will do a modified circling with balls with some more upper level questions and let me practice learning their names! If we still have time, then we will play “What do you prefer” in Spanish where students will go from side to side based on statements I have projected in Spanish (example: Would you prefer to live without television or to live without internet) there is lots of chance for follow up questioning here. At the end of class all will sign up for Remind messages and I will pass out a packet of grammar from Spanish 1 & 2 they have about 2 weeks to complete. It is just to see how much review I need to incorporate.

AP Spanish / Spanish 4: I read Carrie Toth’s post the other day about starting her upper levels differently and I plan to use her *free*!! resource about Mis ahorros after we do a “find someone who” activity. Mis clases locas has a bunch on her TpT store, but I use one from Spark Enthusiasm (I do not remember if it is free or not so I won’t share). We will finish the Mis ahorros up on Day 2 and then take care of some house-keeping items and start reviewing what happened in El Internado from the last time we watched.

Classroom updates:

I also added in some new decor outside my classroom. I printed some of these pages from Kristy Placido and also changed out the picture above my class room number. We are the Aviators, and I had some random pilot on my door. I swapped him out for a Spanish woman named Dolors Vives Rodón. She is so fascinating if you’re looking for a Spanish woman to read about!

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