Summer Assignments for Spanish

This year for Spanish 2, 3, & AP I decided to do something different for my summer assignments. The biggest battle I face in Spanish 2 is that students do not know enough vocabulary – specifically when it comes to verbs and things they want to talk about doing! So I compiled a list of all the verbs they have been exposed to in Spanish 1 and gave them the assignment of studying them over the summer and during the first quarter I will give quizzes over the verbs. I realize all of the CI people are displeased, but most of my students do not study unless they know they are being tested over it and unless I make a big deal out of it. And I think I make up for this in my other levels… Hopefully I can remember to update at the end of first quarter and let you know how this goes.

For Spanish 3 and AP Spanish I gave them a template in Google Slides back in May and they are going to put 10 pictures on it of things they did this summer and during the first week or so, they will present this to the class. They love to talk about what they did over summer, so now they just have to do it in Spanish! I am not letting them use any notecards, so in their mind it has to be “memorized”, but really I just want them to be able to talk about what they did! (and hopefully not sound like robots!)

** UPDATE 11/13/17: The verb quizzes went well in Spanish 2! It is amazing how much just having them study a bit and really looking at cognates can change how quickly we move through material. In Spanish 3 & 4 the Summer Presentations were less than stellar… I wonder if it was a new class and I asked them to put themselves out there too soon for comfort but I really wanted to set the expectation high at the start of the year. I will definitely be making some tweaks for next year, but over all I did like the assignment because it was a good basis for conversations!


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