Summer Vacation Goals

The first three weeks of summer vacation are past, and I am already starting to have ideas for the upcoming school year. I will be teaching Spanish 2, 3, & AP this year. It will be my first year officially teaching AP since my syllabus just got approved so the ideas are flowing like crazy and I want to make sure I do not forget anything.

Currently I am focusing on the first few days of school in all my levels. My plan is to not have any desks set up – only chairs! In Spanish 2 we will “play” a sort of variation of Ben Slavic’s circling with balls. In Spanish 3 we will do something similar, but with more upper level questions! In my AP class I plan on playing some icebreakers (thank you Mis Clases Locas for the ideas!) in these upper levels the students already know each other, so finding ways to incorporate the TL more makes a fun new twist on games they may have played before!

The rest of my goals for this summer are to 1. rework my first unit for Spanish 2 and Spanish 3, 2. plan out my first few AP units, 3. add in some extra activities for the novels we read in Spanish 2 and 3.

Happy summer all my fellow teachers!


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