Wrapping up La Guerra Sucia

Wrapping up La guerra sucia in Spanish 4 (after spring break unfortunately) I am trying out the Infographic idea from Carrie Toth. I assigned it before spring break and we spent a day in the computer lab for them to get their topic and start looking for pictures. Their only homework over break was to procure a piece of poster board! When they return on Monday they will have that day in the computer lab to finish up what they need to and the whole project will be due on Wednesday (we are switching to a block schedule for state testing so I do not see them  again until Wednesday!)

As my class is very small, I will just have them present to the class individually instead of doing the History Fair and do a Google Voice follow up where they tell me a few details about what they learned and listened to that day. I am also hoping to throw in some subjunctive practice for talking about what surprised them!

If you are reading this book in class, I highly recommend the Teacher’s Resource Guide. The quizzes and questions it comes with are well worth it! Also check out these resources from Cynthia Hitz for chapters 10 & 12!

It has been enjoyable reading this individually, with a partner, and as a whole class.


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