La guerra sucia – intro & cap. 1

It has been a hectic school year! In Spanish 4 we joined up with Spanish 3 and completed a unit on art together (since my 4’s did not have it last year!). We are now moving on to one of my favorite units which is all about the Dirty War in Argentina. It is a favorite because the students are always so surprised that something like this actually happened, they do not learn it in their social studies classes, and I like seeing how invested they get in the stories we read and the movies we watch.

This year I introduced this unit using a webquest (Thank you Kristy Placido!) Currently the link to the video in Station 3 does not exist – Kristy mentioned in a tweet that she had another similar resource… I will bother her another day for that 🙂

After the students were sufficiently surprised and intrigued by what they were learning, we watched La  historia oficial. I have adapted a variety of sources for my movie guide. If you can help me give credit where it is due – PLEASE tell me! In the switching of schools and the re-typing of many worksheets/papers I lost lots in the shuffle.

We are now beginning the TPRS novel: La Guerra Sucia. This year is the most prepared I have felt. My Spanish 4 class is  so small I decided against the reading groups that Carrie Toth has done in the past and just decided to switch up how we read each day.

Today we read chapter one and I had the students do a comic strip retell (thanks Carrie for that one!) THEY TURNED OUT SO GOOD! This is just one example! img_7600

Tomorrow we will begin chapter 2 and make a pro/con list for why Leslie should go/not go & the Tweet idea (also from Carrie Toth)!


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