Classroom/Student White Boards

My first year of teaching I made it a priority to go to Home Depot and get the shower board cut into perfect rectangles so my students could have individual white boards for use. I love using them for quick formative assessments. I usually give the students 1 minute to doodle and write their name and whatever else they want before we get into the activity. Over time, obviously the boards become worn and with my move from GA to OH and back and forth between schools here, my boards have seen a lot of action!

Needless to say I have wasted many a kleenex and paper towel with their use in class as well as trying to get them clean in general! Today I came up with an idea and I am so mad I never thought of this sooner! My husband has maybe 80 cut-off shirts. I would say 20 of which I made for him this summer. The problem was what to do with the sleeves! My mother has taught me to wait before throwing things away and I knew I could just throw them in my rags bin because I am sure I would use them there [and don’t get me wrong, I did a few times when my dog was sick…]

Anyway, today my brilliant idea came while I was erasing MY whiteboard at the front of the room and I thought “I really like using this towel”. And that’s when it hit me! To take those shirt sleeves and cut them up a little bit more to make mini erasers for my smaller whiteboards! I brought one home and tested it out and holy cow! The board looks better than it has in years!

No more wasted kleenex or paper towels, no more trips to the bathroom to get more paper towels when I run out – no more excuses to not immediately get to work using these awesome tools 🙂 See what kind of shirts or towels you have laying around and get cutting!


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