La gran aventura de Alejandro

Week 3. I made it! We are finally past those first few days of the awkward “we don’t know each other but I want you to speak Spanish for me” and into the let’s get to work and build on last year! In Spanish 3 I am in my fourth year of reviewing by using the book La gran aventura de Alejandro. It is great for reviewing the basics, while building on it, and throws in a TON of culture! I have created many extension activities and cultural opportunities based on what adventure Alejandro goes on in each chapter!

One of my favorites is using it as a means to share the culture of Spain. We get to talk about Don Quixote, Diego Velázquez, Doña Juana la Loca, and Lazarillo de Tormes just to name a few. The students get exposed to all of these literary and real references without realize how much they are truly absorbing. The book is from Amsco and I highly recommend it as a way to start off your school year. Each chapter is followed by activities – they vary from chapter to chapter, but they have true/false, multiple choice, some vocab activities with word searches, and grammar practice just to name a few.

If you use it in your classes I would love to hear about how!


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