Spanish 4 – El internado (again)

Two weeks from today will be the first day of the school year! Things are coming together well with my Spanish 2 selfie unit (thanks again Laura Terrill) with a colleague of mine. Spanish 3 will be starting off with a novel – La gran aventura de Alejandro. Hopefully the 4th time is a charm and my plans are pretty solid there. It is a great way to review concepts from the first two years and set the tone for the rest of the year – lots of input and comprehension!

Spanish 4 is coming together slowly. As mentioned previously, my district wants me to have level be an AP class next year [aka I need to get it together and plan my syllabus!] So anything I do needs to be able to be re-used next year so I am not wasting my time [or theirs!!] Thus far I know I will be watching El internado on Friday’s. Many thanks to all those that share/blog/post/sell about it because otherwise I would be in a sorry state!

Since the first part of episode 1 focuses on introducing the characters and we see a little bit of what kind of family situation they come from, it fits in perfect with my first unit on “Quién soy yo?” & the personal & public identities theme. This year I am going to test out having the students keep a journal for answering questions, making predictions, cultural comparisons, etc. as we watch. I created this document for their first assignment before watching the first 10 minutes of episode one [broken down how Mike Pero does it]. I chose the vocab based on talking points I plan to make and ones that will help with overall comprehension. The question is for as we watch/after.

I think it will be a good start to keeping a journal and for them to keep all of their El internado stuff in one place! Will update and see how it goes 🙂




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