Icebreakers 2k16 & the start of planning

I am at that point in the summer where my vacations are over and it is time to start REALLY thinking about the upcoming year. With my move to a new school (but one I taught at previously) I am back to 3 preps – Spanish 2, 3, & 4. A good friend & colleague of mine came over today and we began discussing/planning Spanish 2. At the CSCTFL/OFLA joint conference this year Laura Terrill’s presentation included a reference to a Selfie Unit that she had created. My colleague and I both got that glazed look in our eyes as we started thinking of how great it would be to use that idea for our own review unit. Unfortunately we were in the middle of March and had one more quarter left so we tabled the idea. Fast forward to today and we were able to pull that idea out and get started! You can see Laura’s presentation here.

We of course changed it to fit our needs, but her basic theme and idea is still in there [with the addition of other things we like to review for fun!] The time we spent today was well worth it – but we still have a long ways to go because we need to gather Spanish authres and determine our assessments. Both of us are very excited about this year for Spanish 2 and continuing to work together even though we are at different schools – PEN PALS ANYONE?!

And of course, with the start of planning comes the planning of the first few days of school – when the students come in all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to begin the school year! (or so I tell myself). I struggle each year with what a good icebreaker looks like. This year I will only know some of the students in Spanish 4 so the rest are completely new to me. I came across this article today with 3 decent icebreakers that meet my criteria (not so cheesy, awkward, & are not just busy work). The first one, blobs and lines could be easily adaptable for my upper levels in the TL to get them reviewing and remembering right off the bat. I love the second one, too, for getting a little more personal – I can throw myself in the mix as the students circle and ask questions! And the third one actually aligns perfectly with what we planned today for Spanish 2 – we are using a “Would you rather?” in Spanish – but very basic and with a little acting on my part they can easily choose what they would rather do! The version of would you rather is from TpT and was free! The link is here. Thank you Sra. Cruz for sharing!

Hopefully I can turn my brain off and enjoy the weekend before getting back into planning again next week!


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