Seating cards for first day of school!

Okay so step one of my summer plan is complete! Loosely based off of Martina Bex’s first day seating I created my own – a little more upper level! I used Spanish “chistes” pictures and English translations of the words/conversations on notecards. So when the students come to class, I give them a card with the English translation and they have to match them. In Spanish 4 I made them tell me WHY it was funny [maybe a play on words, or what was going on in the picture] and in Spanish 2 I just let them be relieved they found the correct seat! Let me know if you’re interested in the documents! I did pay $13 to have them printed and laminated at Office Depot so I can use them year after year! Unfortunately my school does not have a laminator!

**UPDATE** I also re-worked my animal emojis seating cards for use in this school year (2017). I am going to print them in color and have them laminated at Office Depot! I am going to stick an animal to the back of each chair and have them match the animal to the chair (since I am not setting up desks this year).




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