A not-so-busy year…

Clearly I did a great job of keeping up with my blog. I want to say that this year, year 5, will be the year I keep up with this goal. I even went so far as to put a weekly reminder in my calendar to update my blog. Considering we are half way through summer and my vacations are all behind me, I think this is becoming more realistic.

Anyone from Ohio reading this blog, I successfully passed RESA and am happy to say I have my 5-year professional license!! In the year I have been away, I changed schools, got married, attended the OFLA conference and then changed schools again back to my old school. This time I am staying for good. Anyone that wants advice on that decision… I think I am slightly crazy and just finally figured out what I was looking for in a school.

Ok so – this year I will be teaching Spanish 2, 3, and 4. My school eventually wants me to make Spanish 4 an AP class – a daunting task so any advice or good references would be much appreciated. I have pretty solid plans for levels 2 & 3, but of course have many ways I want to improve and new activities I want to incorporate. One huge task is doing a weekly (or s0) song – I plan to use resources from Kristy Placido’s site and one of my new favorites – Allison Wienhold and her blog – she does a baile viernes I think sounds so fun! When I come up with my master plan I will share. I got a lot of great ideas from the OFLA conference this year so I want to try and include everything I have been absorbing.

For Spanish 3 I am already planning how to get PEOPLE into my classroom and make it more interactive. The hamster wheel is spinning on this one and I have post-it’s everywhere when I think of another way to bring my room (more) alive.

Now, Spanish 4 is the real struggle – students pay $30 in fees and I have no idea how to spend it. So far I have ordered one TPRS book – Hija del Sastre and I have a class set of Guerra Sucia so I am struggling with what else to get. Debating a third novel, or a workbook (because of the looming AP task), or the Mary Glasgow Magazines – specifically El sol. Anyone teaching upper levels with input – please advise!!

As my plans start to come together I plan to post about it! Hoping to tune in to a webinar in a couple weeks on teaching novels!


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