Tener Phrases & Weather Notes

In Spanish 2 I am finding that students are struggling with tener phrases and weather phrases in the language. In Spanish 1 their teacher did "Daily Questions" and had them fill in the answers on a calendar, but the questions about weather were always out of context and students always wrote "hay sol". So when … Continue reading Tener Phrases & Weather Notes


Spanish 2, 3, 4 Novels

As we are getting close to Thanksgiving Break and subsequently the end of the first semester I like to end with reading a novel. In Spanish 2 we will be reading Noches misteriosas en Granada, in Spanish 3 we will be reading Viva el toro (but I think I want to read Frida because I … Continue reading Spanish 2, 3, 4 Novels

Summer Assignments for Spanish

This year for Spanish 2, 3, & AP I decided to do something different for my summer assignments. The biggest battle I face in Spanish 2 is that students do not know enough vocabulary - specifically when it comes to verbs and things they want to talk about doing! So I compiled a list of … Continue reading Summer Assignments for Spanish


Icebreakers for Spanish 2017

Looking into how to begin the upcoming school year... came across this site: http://spanishmama.com/10-beginning-of-the-year-icebreakers-and-games/ SO MANY IDEAS! I need something for my Spanish 3 classes that does not involve needing to use a desk (this year I am starting the year with only chairs to facilitate easier communication and getting to know each other in … Continue reading Icebreakers for Spanish 2017


Summer Vacation Goals

The first three weeks of summer vacation are past, and I am already starting to have ideas for the upcoming school year. I will be teaching Spanish 2, 3, & AP this year. It will be my first year officially teaching AP since my syllabus just got approved so the ideas are flowing like crazy … Continue reading Summer Vacation Goals


Wrapping up La Guerra Sucia

Wrapping up La guerra sucia in Spanish 4 (after spring break unfortunately) I am trying out the Infographic idea from Carrie Toth. I assigned it before spring break and we spent a day in the computer lab for them to get their topic and start looking for pictures. Their only homework over break was to … Continue reading Wrapping up La Guerra Sucia


La guerra sucia – intro & cap. 1

It has been a hectic school year! In Spanish 4 we joined up with Spanish 3 and completed a unit on art together (since my 4's did not have it last year!). We are now moving on to one of my favorite units which is all about the Dirty War in Argentina. It is a … Continue reading La guerra sucia – intro & cap. 1