Day 1 Spanish Lesson Plans

Here are my plans for day 1 of year 8: I am not teaching Spanish 1 this year. For Spanish 2: I had about half of these students last year in Spanish 1. I have these animal cards that have a picture of an animal (Apple emoji ones) and then another card with the name … Continue reading Day 1 Spanish Lesson Plans

Year 8 Next Week!

Year 7 ended kind of crazy for us here in Dayton, OH. There were some tornados that came through on Memorial Day night and brought an abrupt end to the school year for our kids. Final exams were cancelled at the high school, and the field days in the elementary schools were cancelled as well! … Continue reading Year 8 Next Week!

Icebreakers for Spanish 2017

Looking into how to begin the upcoming school year... came across this site: SO MANY IDEAS! I need something for my Spanish 3 classes that does not involve needing to use a desk (this year I am starting the year with only chairs to facilitate easier communication and getting to know each other in … Continue reading Icebreakers for Spanish 2017