Tener Phrases & Weather Notes

In Spanish 2 I am finding that students are struggling with tener phrases and weather phrases in the language. In Spanish 1 their teacher did "Daily Questions" and had them fill in the answers on a calendar, but the questions about weather were always out of context and students always wrote "hay sol". So when … Continue reading Tener Phrases & Weather Notes


Icebreakers for Spanish 2017

Looking into how to begin the upcoming school year... came across this site: http://spanishmama.com/10-beginning-of-the-year-icebreakers-and-games/ SO MANY IDEAS! I need something for my Spanish 3 classes that does not involve needing to use a desk (this year I am starting the year with only chairs to facilitate easier communication and getting to know each other in … Continue reading Icebreakers for Spanish 2017